OpenStreetMap Data

YourCity Racing builds scenery mainly using data by © OpenStreetMap Contributors under ODbL license. OpenStreetMap is a collectively maintained global mapping database, which includes data that spans ways, roads, shops, train stations and much more.

YourCity Map Generation

If your favourite city is not available, it may be because we haven't yet had the time or resources to generate it, or because it is not mapped with enough detail (you can help!). Note that we are generating only medium-to-large cities across Europe and America, since smaller towns are not as suitable for a racing game.

Ultimately, we'd like to offer everyone the possibility to drive in any location you choose, but there are several technical and logistic challenges we'd need to resolve before we can tackle such a challenge.

Contributing to OSM

Everybody can contribute to OpenStreetMap, so if one of your areas of interest is not entirely mapped, you can always step in and contribute to one of the larger collaborative open-data projects in the world. Head to OpenStreetMap site, contact your local OSM Mapping community and start mapping!

To prevent players from vandalizing the OSM database to their own advantage (believe it or not, players of other OSM-based games have done this in the past), we apply a "fuzzy factor" and modify generated maps slightly in non-predictable ways... just to avoid the temptation. If you contribute to OpenStreetMap, please do so responsibly: people and organizations rely on its database for many different purposes. Thanks!