The Game

Joyriding on your favourite city is something you could only dream of. YourCity Racing brings you a a racing adventure ad trials based on your favourite roads. Play missions on the city of your choice, beat other players best laps, or mod the game and create your own story based on the game scenery.


YourCity Racing will offer you a series of independent missions that you can play in your chosen city. Leverage your local knowledge and folklore of the city to drive faster, find places or follow clues to resolve a mistery!

The maps

In YourCity Racing, streets are procedurally generated from OpenStreetMap data and several other sources. This way we can build many different cities.

See more: OSM and YourCity Racing


An awesome feature of YourCity Racing engine is that users will be able to create their own races, challenges and single or multiplayer adventures. This enables players to create unique game experiences.

The game is built upon a scripting engine, so the community can even further modify some aspects of the game. I want to explore this during Early Access Program, so stay tuned if you are interested.